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(Early Morning Moon)

for soprano and piano

On occasion of a project about Slovak women in art, I got a commission for composing a piece for soprano and piano, which held its premiere in the Slovak Radio Building. This project connected all generations of Slovak composers-women, I represented the youngest one. Text is by Slovak poetess Veronika Dianišková from her collection Správy z nedomovov (2017). 

Nadranný mesiac
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(On the Wave, on the Wind)

for piano (four-hands)

DEVANAS DUO, four-hands piano duo of two Slovak pianists (Kristína Smetanová, Julia Stahl-Novosedlíková) released their debut album with 6 works commissioned from selected Slovak composers. One of the works is my composition On the Wave, on the Wind, which was also premiered the same year at the festival Asynchrónie on June in Slovak Radio Building.

Na vlne i na vetre
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for flute, oboe, clarinet, violin, viola, violoncello, piano

I was commissioned to compose a piece for EnsembleSpectrum in the occasion of Festival of New Slovak Music 2021, that took place in Slovak Radio Building in Bratislava. This piece called ,,Foggish" was inspired by changes of clouds and fog in the High Tatras mountains.

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ZVUKY DŽUNGLE II.  2019/2021

(Sounds of Jungle II.)

for flute and chamber orchestra 

The Moravian Philharmonic and a soloist on flute, Hana Hána, performed Sounds of Jungle in the Brno Philharmonic as my graduation concert in 2019. Slovak premiere was performed by The Slovak National Chamber Orchestra as part of the Music Connecting Continents program (Rossini, Saint-Saens, and others) in May 2021. It was conducted by Debashish Chaudhuri (India), and the same soloist on flute as for the first time - Hana Hána (Czech Republic). (YOUTUBE video HERE

This composition has been selected as a WINNER of GENERATION 2021 – international competition of composers from V4 (organized by Leoš Janáček International Festival of Music).

Zvuky džungle II.
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Snímka obrazovky 2022-08-27 o 19.03.04.png



(Sounds of Jungle I.)

for flute solo

Sounds of Jungle I. - inspired by wild nature, animals, and indigenous rhythms from Central and South America - is a composition for solo flute, dedicated to flutist Hana Hána. It was performed for the first time in 2017 in Brno Philharmonic, and keeps traveling the world until today. 

Zvuky džungle I.
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(105 Bars just Because)

for clarinet, viola, contrabass and piano

As a big fan of jazz I took part in a COMPETITION JAZZ START UP with one of my chamber compositions influenced by jazz music. After I advanced into TOP 10, the Slovak National Radio recorded my piece and has been broadcasting it since then. The year after, it was also performed on Asynchrónie Festival in Bratislava. 

105 taktov iba tak
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(Piano Concerto)

for piano and chamber orchestra

As I was studying piano since I was 7 and kept studying it simultaneously with composition, I've decided to finish my composition studies at the Conservatory with my own and first Piano Concerto as my graduation concert. At the recording, I'm soloist on piano and chamber orchestra consists of my classmates with minimal orchestra experience. Although it is one of my first orchestral works, I was already looking for new kinds of colors and new aleatoric techniques that I've decided to use later. 

Piano Concerto
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(Anger Alert)

for flute, violoncello and piano

One of my first compositions at the Conservatory, it is strongly influenced by my work stays in France during summers 2010-2011. 

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